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I received a phone call stating that I had been approved for a 10,000 dollar loan , was given conformation number and all that follows and I have been calling there so called senior loan officer WILLIAM and he is refusing to return my calls this mans number is 1-650-260-7388 / the so called main office number is 1-800-805-6727 I have called both and got NOTHING..... I also called the CORPORATE OFFICE and they gave me a number to a store that has NO AFFILIATION WITH THIS COMPANY ..... I am going to report this company FOR SCAMMING INNOCENT PEOPLE , AND FOR LETTING THIS EVEN HAPPEN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cash Central Loan.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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They sent money to my account and then said that they wanted me to transfer the funds back to them via western union and then 30 minutes after that they would deposit the $2000 loan into my account. I told them that I didn’t want them to send anything until I looked up the company.

He kept calling me and I sent him to the block list and then he kept texting from a different number and then started calling from a number with my area code when originally the area code was 714 and then a 650. I called my bank because originally I didn’t know they had sent money. They wanted my online banking info. Like an idiot I gave it to them, but I changed ALL of that when I got sceptical about them.

I called the bank and told them to send the money back and they can’t. Idk what to do.

Then cash central decided they wanted to threaten a law suit. I’m like you’ll go down first.

to Freckles #1388095

“They sent money to my account” ...uh they can’t/won’t do that without u filling out the form and signing agreements ...

to Freckles #1396610

If they sent you money and are not a legally licensed lender, that sounds like free money. Suggestion: Put a stop payment on all transactions with that company's name and change your account number.


agreed using stolen social security information and inquiring with stolen information


I received the same type of phone call today. These people already had my mailing address and bank information including routing number and account number.

They wanted my online username and password for my online banking to "verify that the bank account was in my name." I would not give it to him. I perceived quickly that this was a scam but now I am worried since they have all my personal information that they will mess with bank account since they have my routing and account number.

Did you go through with your loan? If not, have you had problems with them even if you did not go through with the loan?

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